Baked tortilla chips

Baked tortilla chips

All you need to have is 3 elements to make a batch of homemade baked tortilla chips. So much crunchier and heartier than the bagged variety!

Chips are a staple in our property. That’s possibly not what you were expecting a dietitian to say.

A respectable sum of salsa and homemade guacamole will get eaten all around right here each week, and corn tortilla chips are the go-to delivery method.

I don’t know why it never ever occurred to me ahead of to make my own baked tortilla chips. However it didn’t, till we had a batch of fresh homemade guac…and no chips. But we did have a bag of corn tortillas in the fridge.

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Now retailer-purchased chips seem to be flimsy and inadequate up coming to these hearty, crispy wedges. The little ones like them as well!

Variations: Just before baking, brush the tortilla wedges with a blend of olive oil and fresh lime juice. Or sprinkle them with my homemade taco spice mix.

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