Egg casserole

Egg casserole

Published January six, 2019 , Updated May possibly 15, 2019

This fluffy and tender Egg Casserole is excellent for busy mornings or serving a crowd. Add your favored meats, vegetables or cheeses to develop an Egg Casserole you will love! Decide on from a large or modest recipe.

Let’s speak breakfast! Do you favor sweet or savory? I really like producing sweet breakfasts, but I in fact choose consuming a savory breakfast. Commencing the day with protein and a reasonably-low sum of carbs sets me up for an energetic day.

On weekday mornings, when we are rushing to get out the door, I rely heavily on make-ahead breakfasts. I was noticing that those make ahead breakfasts had been usually sweet (baked oatmeal, overnight oats, pumpkin muffins, banana bread), so I made a decision to turn our savory breakfast staple of scrambled eggs into a casserole that can be created ahead!

This is a super straightforward way to prepare eggs. This recipe enables you to cook scrambled eggs for a crowd with out standing more than a skillet (ideal for vacation mornings, also!). It also makes it possible for you to make a total casserole dish of scrambled eggs that can easily be reheated on a busy morning. Bonus: reheating these eggs will not outcome in that rubbery texture you get from reheating normal scrambled eggs. Even following microwaving they are still moist and fluffy!

How to make Egg Casserole

  • This casserole is created with only three substances: eggs, cottage cheese and melted butter.
  • Eggs: I use 14 massive eggs for the big version of this casserole. You can very easily minimize it down to 7 eggs for a smaller sized model.
  • Cottage cheese: Did I shed you right here? Wait! I am not normally a fan of cottage cheese, but when added to the eggs it helps make this casserole moist and fluffy. You won’t even know it’s in there.
  • Melted butter: I constantly cook my eggs in melted butter, so this recipe is no distinct. Melted butter will get mixed into the eggs and plenty of softened butter greases the baking dish. This adds an underlying buttery taste that can’t be beat!
  • Combine-ins: Favor your eggs with some thing in them? Include your favorite mix-ins just before baking. Vegetables, meat, cheese, and herbs would all be scrumptious! See the recipe itself with ideas for including mix-ins.

How to Make Eggs Fluffy

Two items make this Egg Casserole fluffy:

  1. The cottage cheese! Don’t skip it.
  2. Whisking the eggs and cottage cheese really effectively to include some air into the mixture.

When the eggs are baking they will puff up very a bit. If you like them puffy and thick, serve them quickly, piping sizzling from the oven. As they cool they will sink down a bit, but they will still maintain a light, fluffy texture when reheated.

So, there you have it. Now there is no excuse not to have a protein-packed breakfast waiting for you on even the busiest mornings.

By no means MISS A RECIPE!

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