Fruit salad recipes

Fruit salad recipes

Honey Lime Fruit Salad is an incredible tasting and refreshing fruit salad!

If you love honey and lime, you will Love a bowl of this Honey Lime Fruit Salad! What far better way to either start off the day, enjoy the day, or FINISH the day with a bowl of fresh, ripe fruit, bursting with flavour.

Fruit Salad

Nevertheless one more a single of people recipes I hesitated to share simply because of its simplicity, BUT, I know some of you will enjoy and value a new way to eat your fruits. This fruit salad recipe has been in our household for a lot more than I can remember. In fact, we just drizzle on honey, squeeze over lime, and by no means measure anything due to the fact, properly, we just have this ‘knowing’ of how significantly to put in. It’s such a widespread recipe, there are a gazillion Honey Lime Fruit Salad recipes on the web, in recipe books, magazines, and anywhere else you look.

There’s one particular tiny addition we add to it to give it amazing flavour. Pineapple juice in the dressing tends to make a big difference! The honey is Wonderful if you have some fruit on the sour side. The lime juice provides it a bit of a stunning, tangy kick. Even so, including pineapple juice provides it a hint of sweetness, and can’t place your fork (or spoon) down type of circumstance.

If you’ve by no means tried a Honey Lime Fruit Salad with the addition of a tropical pineapple, do yourselves a favour and PLEASE go run into your kitchens!

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