Gluten free sugar cookies

Gluten free sugar cookies

There are two food items I can eat to no virtually no finish: anything dark chocolate and peanut butter, and sugar cookies. Not just any sugar cookies my aunt Patti’s renowned, soft sugar cookies that she’s brought to Christmas every year for as lengthy as I bear in mind. Sometime close to November I go ahead and resolve that I’m going to fall off the wagon on these cookies. But due to the fact I only fall off the food wagon a few 10 occasions a year, I figure it’s totally well worth it. Right after all, they’re sugar cookies! I indicate, c’mon. Live a tiny.

Here’s the issue about sugar cookies. They contain lots and tons of butter, sugar and gluten, the final one particular becoming a major offender for a growing variety of men and women. But I say you can nevertheless have cookies, you just have to get imaginative and substitute the gluten with one thing else, like a baking mix? Yes, like a gluten-totally free baking mix. Specifically.

After attempting my baking blend/pancake combine in GF chocolate chip cookies and getting this kind of wild success, I knew sugar cookies were my following target. And I’m content to report that it totally worked! Once more!

This mix made some of the softest, fluffiest, most flavorful sugar cookies I’ve ever had – no joke! Who says you want gluten following all…?

These cookies are small pillows of Christmas-y goodness.

Fluffy + soft
Infused with vanilla
Excellent on their own
Or topped with sprinkles.
& Not at all grainy or hard.

Anyway you put it, these guys are a complete dream! Make them for your family and friends this holiday season. I bet you so significantly cheddar bank that they won’t be able to inform they’re gluten cost-free – not a single bit. Enjoy!

P.S. Stick all around till Tuesday for a healthier four-ingredient frosting recipe that goes completely with these cookies. In the meantime, gobble them up as is. They’re significantly that excellent.

NOTE: Recipe up to date on January 8, 2016 to get rid of the mention of making use of other gluten totally free baking mixes in place of my gluten-free of charge baking combine. I haven’t examined these cookies with any other gluten-cost-free combine than my Gluten-Free of charge Pancake/Baking Combine. Be sure to use that mix in this recipe, otherwise I can’t promise the results.

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