Greek chicken

Greek chicken

It was day two for the kid’s Kilometre Club prior to school and the climate was miserable. The temperature was appropriate at the freezing level and it was windy with a combine of light snow and rain. There was a massive turnout and all the youngsters have been fantastic troopers as they stored on running. My three have been satisfied with their overall performance and I was a proud dad. It is nice to know that the rest of the week is supposed to have a lot nicer climate.

Grilling chicken is a classic summertime tradition for us and I am often on the lookout for a new marinade or spice rub for chicken.

Here are a couple of other marinades and rubs that perform really well with chicken:

  • Jerk Marinade – this marinade has that genuine jerk flavour!
  • Teriyaki Sauce – this sauce is great and sweet and best for grilled chicken
  • Grilled Tandoori Chicken – if you like tandoori, then you will really like this recipe!
  • Moroccan Spice Rub – this exotic flavour is just scrumptious

Today’s recipe was made alongside the Lemon Roasted Potatoes I shared yesterday. The marinade for the chicken is complete of Greek flavours that I use when generating Greek salad and souvlaki.

If you are hunting for a couple of other Greek recipes, examine out some of these:

  • Homemade Greek Salad with Dressing – this salad goes excellent with the grilled chicken
  • Greek Tzatziki – Dip the grilled chicken in some of this tzatziki. You will enjoy it!

There is a fantastic mixture of garlic and herbs in the marinade that comes through plainly with every single bite. The red wine vinegar, lemon juice and salt function collectively in the marinade to tenderize and brine the chicken. I use this marinade for chicken mostly but it performs fantastic with pork and lamb. Souvlaki any individual.

If you want to make souvlaki with this, just cut the chicken breast into cubes and allow them marinate for a great hour. Then, place the chicken cubes on wood BBQ skewers. Excellent served with Greek pita bread.

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