Meatball recipes

Meatball recipes

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Meatball Subs are a favored recipe, best for a crowd and straightforward to make! Tender juicy homemade meatballs (or frozen in a pinch) are simmered in a flavorful tomato sauce are positioned in a roll and topped with cheese. The sandwiches are broiled right up until golden and the cheese is bubbly for the best bite!

This scorching submarine design sandwich – it’s meaty, saucy and cheesy! Excellent for lunch, dinner or to serve at your next game day party!

Meatball Subs for a Crowd

Lightly toasted garlic submarine buns are filled with homemade meatballs covered in a wealthy tomato sauce or marinara sauce then topped with loads of mozzarella cheese and broiled until hot and bubbly!

When I make homemade meatballs, I make a batch or two ahead of time and hold them in the freezer for recipes just like this 1. Meatballs can be frozen raw or cooked meaning you can bake them to add to sandwiches or add them to Meatball Soup for an easy weeknight meal.

If you’re short on time, you can make a straightforward recipe of Crockpot Meatballs (the meatballs go in raw and are cooked appropriate in the crockpot). It’s an effortless to make dinner when you get house following a long day.

If you are feeding a crowd, prepare the meatballs and maintain them warm in a slow cooker so your visitors can serve themselves. Place out a series of rolls or slider buns and enable your guests to dig in.

How to Make Meatball Subs

It actually is so easy to make these meatball subs! Specifically when you start with Crockpot Meatballs!

  1. Lightly butter submarine buns and sprinkle with garlic powder. Toast until golden.
  2. Add cooked meatballs to every bun. Based on the dimension, 3-four meatballs should match.
  3. Spoon a bit of further sauce evenly over each roll.
  4. Cover with a generous quantity of cheese and broil until sizzling and melted.

What Toppings do you Place on a Meatball Sub

Tomato sauce and cheese are best together (like in chicken parmesan) and of course I really like to prime my meatball sub with mozzarella cheese! Like in a Cheesesteak Recipe, provolone cheese is a great option too!

Add in onions, fried peppers, mushrooms … the sky’s the limit! Personally, I generally favor a classic meatball sub with just meatballs, sauce and cheese.

What is the Very best Bread for Meatball Subs

Any extended roll like a submarine sandwich bun, a sub bun or a hoagie roll will perform fine. In a pinch a sizzling canine bun will perform, though it is narrower and the meatballs may possibly be also huge for it. I desire white buns for this recipe, however you can use whole wheat or total grain if you favor. Don’t skip the Garlic Butter!

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