Portobello mushroom burger

Portobello mushroom burger

With melted sharp cheddar, the flawlessly meaty texture, and greatest-ever Fancy Sauce, these panfried Portobello Mushroom Burgers are the vegetarian recipe that’ll have you craving mushrooms for dinner.

I have a background of featuring spotlight elements that I truly don’t like in the hopes that by cooking with them nonstop for a couple of weeks I’ll grow to like them (see tomatoes, cucumber, watermelon). And mushrooms? They had been on the top of the record of “Foods I Don’t Eat”. Because I really believed I didn’t like mushrooms. But in contrast to tomatoes and melon, which took some practice to find the appropriate cooking approaches/ingredient pairings that would make me enjoy them, mushrooms took no time to adore.

And how, may well you wonder, did this newfound appreciation (love? fervor?) for mushrooms come to be? These Portobello Burgers. I’m not saying this to speak up these burgers, guys. I’m saying this simply because it’s the fact! The cold tough fact. I woke up thinking I didn’t like mushrooms, decided to give portobello mushroom burgers a go, and went to sleep dreaming of all the techniques I could proceed cooking up mushrooms. So like…let’s make some burgers shall we?

How to make portobello burgers

The essential to a genuinely delightful vegan or vegetarian portobello burger recipe is in the marinade! We’ll brush the mushrooms with soy sauce, lemon juice, garlic, and spices. The mushrooms are generally sponges that will soak up al that flavor! Then just cook your portobello burgers on the stove or grill and serve with your favored burger toppings!

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