Rhubarb pie

Rhubarb pie

Let’s speak about rhubarb season. Sure, you may be able to find it yearlong. But it really is only in season in the U.S. from April to June, which is when we advocate buying it. When it is time to grab it at the retailer (or far better however, the farmer’s marketplace), look for stalks that are company and crisp. Colour doesn’t influence taste, so do not tension if they’re all a pale blush rather than a sizzling pink.

This is our go-to recipe in the course of spring. Even though we enjoy strawberry rhubarb pie (and our recipe is excellent), this pie lets the tart rhubarb get the center stage. Generating homemade pie crust is not totally essential, but we extremely advise it. Do not have sanding sugar? No problem—just sprinkle granulated sugar on prime before baking.

Searching for a lot more spring recipes? We have plenty of Remarkable non-pie rhubarb ideas too. Not quite rhubarb season near you? Check out our 60+ wonderful pies.

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