Southern style green beans

Southern style green beans

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Southern Style Green Beans are manufactured with fresh green beans cooked low and slow flavored with salty bacon. This standard southern side is served on just about every single table in the south!

Home cooked veggies are a staple in the south. They most constantly are cooked with some type of fat. It’s either ham hocks, butter, or some type of pork! I grew up cooking green beans with bacon! I indicate truly is there any other way?

Properly I know there are a thousand ways, like my Instantaneous Pot Garlic Butter Green Beans (they are bacon free), but for these beans they just have to have bacon. Bacon glorious bacon!

There is a lot speak about how individuals like their green beans! Crisp, crunchy, soft, cooked to death, or just in the middle! They can get really passionate over these tiny fellas! Personally, I like them cooked all types of ways, but this is one of my favorites. And I confident hope you get pleasure from them as well!

These are a classic Southern Design Green Bean. Cooked right up until soft, infused with bacon, salty with a peppery note. I also include some red pepper that gives them a little additional kick. We like a minor spice to ours. But if you don’t that spice, this can totally be omitted. Right after all, my momma never used red pepper!

How to make Southern Type Green Beans

  • Wash, drain, and snap ends off fresh green beans.
  • Cut bacon with kitchen scissors into bite size pieces. Saute in a hefty bottom pot until carried out.
  • Add in green beans, chicken stock, salt, black pepper, garlic, red pepper (if preferred) and give a big stir to mix up.

    Carry to a boil, cover with l >Serve these with a minor further crumbled bacon on leading to make them extra SOUTHERN!

Take away from the pot and spot in serving dish with a minor added crumbled bacon on top if you want to get a little fancy! Perhaps when you have firm coming! At home we just dish them out of the pot from the stove leading most of the time!

These are also great for pot lucks, church suppers or taking a side to BBQ! Just put them in a covered dish and you are all set!

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