Stuffed chicken breast recipes

Stuffed chicken breast recipes

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Mozzarella stuffed meatballs have a melty, cheesy center and are nestled in my favored marinara sauce. Excellent for any evening you’re craving Italian!

Low carb meatballs are a staple in our keto diet. We eat them frequently for a number of factors – they’re effortless, they’re a crowd pleaser, and there are a million techniques to modify them up.

These mozzarella meatballs may well be a new favorite edition in my family.

Best yet, baked meatballs are so effortless and there’s way much less mess.

Keto meatballs:

There are a couple of possibilities to use as a binder for keto meatballs.

I used to use almond flour routinely in my lower carb meatballs, but I heard it by way of the grapevine that crushed pork rinds actually function much better.

I was really hesitant, but now pork rinds are my Favorite meatball binder.

They add zero carbs and help hold the meatballs together without having drying them out.

My loved ones actually can’t tell the difference among low carb meatballs and standard meatballs when I use pork rinds as a binder. True story.

How to make meatballs:

To make the mozzarella meatballs, you’ll just include every thing to a mixing bowl.

Ground beef, crushed pork rinds, egg, seasonings, and a minor bit of hefty cream and water.

I use my hands to get in there and mix every thing collectively, but you can use a spoon if you need to. Just consider not to overwork the meat too a lot or you’ll get a difficult meatball. No person likes a tough meatball.

I form these into patties and stick a cube of mozzarella cheese in the center and then close the meat up close to the cheese and make certain it’s all sealed in very good.

Bake these for about 15 minutes and then prime with some marinara. Straightforward peasy.

Equipment used for creating minimal carb meatballs:

Pork Rinds: Choose these up on your following grocery run or buy from Amazon. Either way, don’t skip out due to the fact pork rinds are a staple in these reduced carb meatballs.
Cast Iron Skillet: You’re welcome to bake these on any baking sheet, but I desire cast iron since of how evenly it heats and how well it maintains it’s heat. I use cast iron for most everything.
Meat Baller: This isn’t strictly necessary for this recipe as you’ll be forming patties to spot the cheese in and then smushing it all up into a ball. But! A meat baller is great for scooping up equal sized portions of meat every and every time so they all bake evenly.
Rao’s Marinara: You can undoubtedly make your personal marinara if you choose, but Rao’s is THE Greatest jarred sauce I’ve ever experimented with in my lifestyle. It’s a small spendier than other sauces, but well worth every penny. And it’s the lowest sugar sauce I’ve ever noticed. Very advise. I’ve utilized the Arrabbiata version this time around. Enjoy the spicy kick!

I think you’ll see that my baked meatball recipe is super simple and I know that your family will really like it if you give it a try!

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